When The Time is Right

I know this blogging lark has been going on for a while, I guess I’m a true believer in ‘when the time is right’.  Today – it feels right.  Who knows if it will tomorrow (or the next day)!

So today I decided… then started to work out how to do it, then was bombarded with options – sites, themes, names, titles…. it’s quite exhausted me.  Now I’m not sure if this is what I want at all – but I’ll go with it and see what thoughts I can get down that will keep people interested and entertained, and be a step towards becoming an internet sensation (haha…. ok, ok, I already am….but if you don’t know that then don’t go looking 😉 ).

I’ve read ‘How to start blogging’ and ‘Mistakes Bloggers Make’ and I’m sorted…. so here goes.

Monday is my birthday.  I don’t say it to remind anyone, I say it because this is what inspired me to get writing today.  I find the day so personal, and have yearly used it as a good excuse to do something for myself – why not celebrate being me? It sounds big headed – but think about it… surely I’m the best me I’m going to get – so along with all the healthiness and fitness that should be happening (note: should) – how about enjoying the day the world was blessed with my presence?

So I Googled ‘best way to spend your birthday’ (it was then that I got distracted by the idea of writing a blog…) and realised all the websites in the world may be useful – but I have my own best way… so that’s what I’ll do this year – my way!

(I was going to write about birthdays and how to make them amazing, but by the time I got this far in the whole “I’m going to Blog” adventure… all the initial creativity had gone from my mind, and I decided the above paragraph made more sense than any of my random musings on personal birthdays – although an ‘Amanda Date Day in Paris’ is right up there along with visiting the Sydney Opera House with a best friend, or eating nachos, fruit pizza, and laughing with a house full of amazing friends when you live on the other side of the world!!)

Much more excitingly – this will be a year I do some things I’ve wanted to do for so long, and never gotten around to – Blogging being one of them.  I might also work out how to use a sewing machine, it seems like a mixture between a lost art form, and something that could be really useful in the future… (I’m picturing making my own clothes – you know the kind – patchwork, long, flowy….the ones I wear all the time!!).

So I think that makes sense for an initial blog… I’m hoping this’ll be an interesting space that people enjoy coming to….  Tell your friends about it, tell strangers about it… Just let people know about it in case I say something amazing one day.

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